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A Note from the Principal

A Message from Mr. Harrington
Posted on 04/07/2017
A Message from Mr. Harrington

April 7, 2017

Hello Extraordinary Lobos,

Ten months ago I was told that I am one of the millions of Americans who is afflicted with Cancer.

Upon learning this news, I had to decide whether I would keep this a private matter or whether I would make this news known in a public way.

I decided to share my cancer journey with The Lobo Learning Community when we began the school year. Since then many members of the Lobo Community have shared with me their own cancer journeys as well as their own obstacles not involving cancer but other very serious diseases and ailments.  The stories that have been shared to me from members of the Lobo Community have been inspiring, heart-warming and wonderful testimonials to the courage of the human spirit.

So now, I feel it is important to share with you the latest development in my cancer journey. I will be taking an extended leave of absence starting April 10.  I have every intention of returning to work by mid-May. During my absence, until I return to campus to resume my position as MVHS’ Campus Principal, MVHS’ three assistant principals will be assuming the campus principal’s responsibilities.  At the moment, I feel just fine. I intend to return to MVHS very shortly and to be a part of the opening of the Lobo Health Academy and walking in line at the cafeteria on the first day that lunch is served in our new Lobo Cafeteria.  There are so many great events taking place in the near future for MVHS and I plan to be an active member in the growth of the Lobo Learning Community.

Unfortunately, as my cancer has progressed, I will need to take an extended leave. In closing, let me thank you, the Lobo Community, for giving me the great honor of allowing me to be your Principal.  I fully intend to return to MVHS as soon as possible. 

Thank you. May God always bless you.

Go Lobos!! Stay Lobo Strong!!

Paul Harrington