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For Teachers


1.Teachers, please schedule your classes to go into the Library at least two days in advance. Setting up library dates must be done in person and in the library.

2. Teachers, please accompany your classes to the Library and remain with them the ENTIRE time they are in the Library. Please keep students quiet and on task while they are in the Library.

3. Emergency doors are for emergencies only. An alarm will ring if they are opened. Behind the Circulation Desk, inside the Librarv Office, and in the Library Storage Room work area are off limits to both Teachers and students.

4. Absolutely NO food, gum, or drinks in the Library. This includes teachers and staff.

5. Student book bags and backpacks are not allowed in the Library. Please remind students to leave them in the cubby holes.

6. Students doing individual work during class time in the library must have an OFFICIAL PASS stating the reason for going to the library, date, time and a legible signature of the person sending the student. Students will be sent back to class if they do not have an official pass. The Library staff may send students back to class at any time if necessary.
Teachers mav send a maximum of 3 students per class at a time.
Do not send students to take a test in the Library.

7. Audio visual equipment that is used throughout the year must be checked out by filling out the appropriate form.

8. Audio visual equipment that is used only for one day or for a few days should be scheduled with the library staff at least 48 hours in advance in person and in the library. Please do not email reservations. Please return the equipment at the end of each day. Faulty equipment should be reported immediately to the library staff.

9. Please do NOT allow students to pick up, return or operate equipment for you. The equipment is checked out to YOU and it is YOUR responsibility. PEease ask if you need assistance in moving the equipment. Do not send students to check out books, videos dvds, etc. for your use,

10. When a substitute is coming in for you, please inform them that they need to come and pick up TVs, Inlaps, etc. themselves and not send a student. Substitutes will not be able to take a COW if you have reserved one. Please make other arrangements.