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Law Enforcement

Principles of Law

This class introduces to the profession of law enforcement, security, corrections, fire and emergency management services. Having the opportunity to take this class is a great chance to develop what you know about the law and what you will learn by the end of the year. This class is really fun because after you learn something, when you see a security officer or a sheriff etc... you can realize that they are not perfect and they make a lot of mistakes even if its just a traffic stop. Stop by at Mr.Ramos' class and ask him if you can still join he is planning on opening another class so there is some space left so don't hesitate to join.

Available for grades 9-12

Law Enforcement Team

The Law Enforcement Team gives an opportunity to everyone to feel in power and to get to know what professionals do at work. Joining the team will make each single person more responsible not only at school but at home too, besides if you join the law enforcement team you get to go on fieldtrips and win at  competition which is one of the team's main goal.

Team members

Law Enforcement Team